Doctor Bob Gordon...
(Fox-trot... or not)

"Los Clásicos de Les Luthiers"
Teatro Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY, USA, 2 de noviembre, 1980.

MM: We will now turn to a classic piece by the famous jazz composer and pianist, King Badminton.
Badminton was an intuitive genius. He had never had a single music lesson in his whole life when at the age of eighteen he was taken on as an arranger by the hand of Artie Kettsonsale. Naturally, the next day he was fired. Then, Badminton took his first harmony lesson, and only six months later, the second one.
To jazz lovers, King Badminton, along with Count Baseball and Lionel Handball, constitutes a true trilogy, as can be demonstrated simply by counting them.
Curiously, for an American jazz composer, Badminton's career started with two successful French songs: "Quelque chose, naturellement", which means "Something, of course", and "Sur votre jeune sein, laissez rouler ma tête", which also means... something, of course.
Performed by Les Luthiers, we will now hear Badminton's "Doctor Bob Gordon shops for hot dogs from Boston".
Fox-trot... or not.

(foxtrot instrumental)


Esta obra formó parte de los espectáculos:
"Recital 75" (1975)
"Los Clásicos de Les Luthiers" (1980)
"Los Clásicos EEUU" (1980)

Versión Discográfica:
"Les Luthiers, Volumen 4" (1976)


M. Mundstock: Presentación

E. Acher: gom horn da testa, tubófono silicónico cromático y clarinete
C. López Puccio: kazoo y hi hat
J. Maronna: kazoo y banjo
M. Mundstock: gom horn a pistones

C. Núñez Cortés: tubófonono silicónico cromático - kazoo
D. Rabinovich: bass-pipe

Título completo:
Doctor Bob Gordon shops for hot dogs from Boston
(Fox-trot... or not)


El Doctor Robertico Gordon compra perros calientes de Boston (Ritmo de Trote de zorra... o no)

Traducción del titulo francés de Badminton:
"Sur votre jeune sein, laissez rouler ma tête", significa: "Sobre tu joven seno, déjame apoyar mi cabeza".

En la versión en castellano King Badminton es King Ballonpie y Lionell Handball es Johnny Littlebang.

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