Sol la ti la sol la do do ti

"Los Clásicos de Les Luthiers"
Teatro Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY, USA, 2 de noviembre, 1980.

MM: The Viennese composer Franz Schutzwart was a really precocious child. At the age of three, when a score was placed before him, he could read the music to perfection. At the age of four, his father bought him another score.
One of the musicians who studied with Schutzwarg was our earlier acquaintance Hans Glockenkranz, who began to take lessons with Schutzwart when he was five years old. Schutzwart, that is. Glockenkranz was 23. At the lessons held by tiny Schutzwart, it was not unusual to hear him telling one of his pupils: If you are so kind, finish counterpoint exercise number two, and afterwards, please, can you take me to do number one??

As an encore, Les Luthiers will now perform one lied from Schutzwart cycle of songs "Der Tutti Frühling".
The "Die Wiener Zeitung" critic analyzed this Lied in the following manner: The song begins with a very bucolic theme which presents our hero strolling through a flower-filled meadow. The second theme is that of the birds which fill the park. Suddenly the second theme is interrupted by the appearance of the third them, of a threatening character. It portends the storm. A sub-theme also appears but does not portend the is the storm. Finally, the storms retreats. There then reappears the initial theme: nature experiences a luminous rebirth as if forecasting renewed joy, a sunny future and a slight rise in temperature.
This lied is called: "Sol la ti la sol la do do ti", and was evidently composed by the precocious Schutzwart before he had learned to talk.

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M. Mundstock: Presentación

M. Mundstock: Cantante / vuelta de página II
C. Núñez Cortés: piano / Cantante II
E. Acher: Vuelta de página / piano II

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